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  JSR ESTRADA 52E Purchased a share in 2021
  JMAR JERICHO 1C721 Purchased from JMAR Genetics
  HWY KHROME 12K Co-owned with Pleasant Dawn Charolais. Son of SOS Peaches 42B, and SOS Apex 139F. Platinum RFI and DMC ratios.
  SPARROWS SHOOTER 6H Acquired with the Prochar Charolais herd purchase. PA free.
  BALAMORE JUSTICE 126J Purchased from Balamore Farms for $31,000
  BYERGO BRUCE 1852J Co-owned with Byergo Angus. Purchased for $70,000. See our slideshow for more information about Bruce and Byergo's program.   
  MAIN ESCONDIDO 15K Co-owned with CharMaine Ranching. Bought for $57,000
  STEPPLER TIMBER 62K Co-owned with Letniak Charolais. Bought for $18,000. 2022 Semex President Choice Charolais Bull Champion at the Canadian Western Agribition 2022.
  CML ANTHEM 20H Semen Package purchased from Mcleod Livestock / Whitelake Colony
  DC/CRJ TANK E108 P Semen package purchased from Hunter Charolais
  ELDER'S HOULIO 4H Semen pack bought from Elders Charolais/LT Ranch
  HWY ODIN 9044G Bred and raised in herd
  KWA ODIN 29A Bought from Ashworth Simmental for $21,000 REGISTRY
  PM THUNDERBIRD 14'14 Bought for $12,000 from Poplar Meadows Angus REGISTRY
  PLEASANTDAWN VESSEL 195H Bought from Pleasant Dawn Charolais for $35,000
  SCX JEHU 233E Semen package bought from Mcleod Livestock, White Lake Colony and Circle 7
  PRO-CHAR WILSON 2J Purchased from Prochar Charolais for $20,000
  SVS TYCOON 841F Semen Purchased from Bohrson Marketing REGISTRY
  TURNBULLS DUTY-FREE 358D Semen package purchased from Palmer Charolais
  DCR MR S DISTANCE J216 ET Purchased from Doll Ranch for $14,500 US
  HWY COMMISSIONER 9028G Bred and raised in Herd
  RGP EVERGLADE 31G Purchased from Palmer Charolais for $27,500
  LCDR WITNESS 541C Semen Purchased from Bohrson Marketing REGISTRY
  SKORS HIGH ROLLER 94B Purchased from Skors Simmental $17,000 REGISTRY


  PRO-CHAR WINNING GOAL 69C Pick of the Prochar herd purchased for $47,500 with Quick Silver Charolais.
  FINK VANITY 7548 3877 BF Flush Purchased from Desco Charolais, Fink Beef Genetics and Clark Charolais
  SOS PEACHES 42B Purchased from Springside Farms for $22,000
  TMJF ESTER 655E Purchased from Springside Farms for $13,000
  TRI-N CUTIE 801F Purchased from TriN Charolais for $12,500
  HWY 593 HANNA 9053G Home raised with exceptional production, and EPD profile. Picture coming soon.
  LCC MISS LADY 6333 023 FL Flush purchased from Ankony Charolais.   
  TURNBULL'S MISS MAY 1G Bought for $24,500 from Turnbull Charolais
  HKS MS LANE 175H Purchased in shares with Pleasant Dawn Farms for $23,000 from Howe Coulee Charolais
  MISS PRAIRIE COVE 519C Bought for $11,500 from Prairie Cove Charolais
  HWY 206X Longeviety and Excellent Feed Conversion. Progeny consistently top feed efficiency charts  
  HWY 4109B Platinum Cow. Of her 7 progeny, 5 kept as replacements or sold in our sale.  
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