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Highway 21 Feeders Ltd. is a full service custom feedlot located in the heart of south central Alberta. We offer complete buying, selling, financing and risk management services designed to maximize investor returns and capture the full genetic potential of feeder cattle.

The lot capacity is currently at 20,000 head. Our landscaped and sheltered pens range from 100-600 head capacity.

Water is supplied by an expansive underground and surface water system designed for reliable water delivery.

Conveniently located off Highway 21, the lot has easy access for cattle and feed movements. The Acme area climate is ideal for cattle production with low rainfall and winters characterized by warm Chinook winds.

Custom Feeding Programs

The Highway 21 Feeders finishing and backgrounding rations are based on mixed hay, cereal silage, rolled tempered barley and supplemental premixes. Liquid fats are included in the rations when economically feasible. Effective quality control systems ensure only high quality systems enter the rations and all rations are nutritionally balanced to achieve optimal cattle performance. Effective induction and animal health protocols ensure peak pen performance and minimal morbidity and mortality risk. Highway 21 Feeders also offers an integrated backgrounding program based on low cost rations, summer grazing and fall feedlot finishing.

Highway 21 Group for Beef Genetics and Production!


We are located on the ranch at Hanna, Ab and focus on identifying value in beef production and the reliable data on our bulls allows you to select the bull which will maximize your profit in your herd and put dollars in your pocket. To enable beef to remain a desired protein and affordable to the consumer, we gain efficiencies in production while reducing our environmental footprint. We use individually focused scientific tests, beef grading quality measurements and genetic scoring to identify the most profitable traits, in all aspects of beef production.

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